Practice Areas
Real Estate

Williams, Turner, & Holmes, P.C.’s lawyers provide a variety of real estate services for the firm’s clients in Western Colorado.

Residential Real Estate
The purchase or sale of a home is a matter of critical importance for most people. Our attorneys assist clients in preparing and reviewing contracts, resolving title issues, structuring financing and closing the sale of residential real estate, for both buyers and sellers.

Commercial Real Estate
Many issues can arise in connection with the purchase, sale and development of commercial real estate. Our lawyers advise clients on matters such as zoning and subdivision issues, the formation of partnerships, limited liability companies and other business entities to hold and develop commercial real estate, the structuring of land acquisition and financing, exchanges, and environmental planning and compliance.

Leasing transactions are common for both residential and commercial real estate. Our attorneys assist clients in preparing leases, reviewing leases, and enforcing the rights of parties to leases of all types of real estate.

Easements are interests in real estate that allow one person to use the land of another for certain purposes. Common examples include easements for roads, irrigation ditches, and utilities. Our lawyers negotiate and prepare easement agreements for the firm’s clients. The firm’s attorneys also assist clients in enforcing existing easement rights and resolving other issues that arise with respect to the establishment or use of easement rights.

Other Matters
Many other issues can arise that impact real estate. Boundary discrepancies and conflicts, adverse possession claims and trespass issues all can affect the use of and title to real property. Adverse claims to property may need to be resolved by a quiet title action. Liens, deeds of trust, or mortgages may be necessary to protect interests or secure financing, and these interests may need to be foreclosed in order to enforce them. Williams, Turner & Holmes, P.C. attorneys assist clients in these and many other matters affecting real property.

Susan Corle, Kirsten Kurath and Doug Johnson advise and assist clients with real estate matters.