Our Fees

Regular client/attorney communication is the key to managing the economics of each matter. We strive to reach the client’s objectives in accordance with the client’s priorities and budget. We are happy to accept questions or comments about fees at any time.

The attorney who is originally consulted by the client generally retains primary responsibility for that matter. If that attorney determines that the assistance or expertise of an additional attorney is needed, he or she will obtain the client’s authorization before involving another attorney to any significant degree.

For most services, we bill clients monthly. In addition to legal fees, a client’s statement will include out-of-pocket expenses incurred on the client’s behalf; examples of these expenses are court filing fees, deposition costs, court costs, long distance telephone calls, and copying costs. The fees and costs are due upon receipt of the statement unless the client makes other arrangements.

Hourly Billing Arrangement
Most of our services are billed on an hourly basis. In addition to discussing the attorney’s hourly rate, the attorney will often discuss with the client a preliminary estimate of the time needed for the legal service. Throughout the transaction or litigation, attorney and client confer regularly on strategy and new developments. The attorney regularly updates and discusses estimates of time, fees and budget as agreed between the client and the attorney.

Fixed Fee

A fixed fee is sometimes used when the effort required to perform a particular service is known in advance. We may charge a fixed fee for such services as incorporating a business, preparing wills, drafting certain real estate documents and handling foreclosures.

Contingent Fee
When we represent a plaintiff in a personal injury case or in certain collection matters, we may offer a contingent fee option. If selected, the fee is a percentage of the amount recovered for the client. If there is no recovery, no fee is charged. The client remains responsible for out-of-pocket costs and expenses.